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Heat Treating

As part of our commitment to meet our clients’ needs, ITD provides Austemper Heat Treating Services. Austempering is a form of heat treatment that allows for greater tensile strength, more consistent hardness, and lower distortion in comparison with conventional treatments.

Heat Treatment Process

Heat treatment improves the mechanical properties of materials by improving their strength, hardness, and ductility. In some applications, it provides stress relieving capabilities, and increases the material’s stability and resistance to deformation. Heat treatment modifies a material’s grain structure, enhancing its performance for specific applications. ITD focuses on austempering, a process that reduces distortion and increases strength and toughness.

Our process is AIAG CQI-9 compliant, with a 36″ wide continuous mesh belt having the capacity of up to 1000 lb/hr. This means that parts can pass through the furnace from loading to quench in the same orientation. This allows for hand loading of difficult parts and eliminates the need for a separate loading conveyor.  Parts pass through a furnace running between 1500 and 1700℉, before quenching in molten salt at a temperature range between 590 and 710℉. This process results in a bainite structure with significantly higher tensile strength and yield strength in comparison to conventional quenching and tempering.

Heat Treatment Equipment

To ensure that we continually provide high-quality products, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery, ITD consistently acquires the best laboratory equipment. Our current inventory include equipment such as:


This equipment helps in assessing features of parts such as ductility and hardness before and after thermal processing. Also, some of these equipment offer support to the treatment process and help improve the quality of the end product.

Advantages of Austempering

Austempering provides the following benefits:

The austempering process increases strength and toughness while reducing distortion.


Heat Treating Applications

ITD’s heat treating services apply to a broad range of applications, with particular focus on the automotive industry. Metals generally fit the following profile:


Additional metal types may be a fit for ITD’s heat treatment services. Please contact us to see if we can be of service.

With over 70 years in the industry and two locations, ITD Precision can take your concept and/or drawings from tool design to production.

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