In July, 2004 ITD Precision installed an electro-deposition paint line in its Harlingen, Texas plant. Electro-deposition paint (most commonly referred to as E-Coat) is becoming the standard in both automotive and industrial coatings.

Our Therma-Tron-X Econ-E-Coat Paint System utilizes an SST, slide rail square transfer, system conveyor design.

  • AIAG CQI-12 Compliant
  • RO water treatment systems
  • An automated chemical feed system
  • State of the art data management system
  • Plymouth Technology MRS10 Metals Removal and Water Filtration System
  • Full Chemical Lab Support and Salt Spray Testing Capabilities

Advantages of ITD E-Coat:

  • Environmentally friendly characteristics
  • Consistent thickness and coverage
  • Black corrosion resistant coating
  • Capable of reaching even the most hard to reach areas of complex parts.
  • Meet common automotive and industrial Electro-Coat specifications.

With over 70 years in the industry and two locations ITD Precision can take your concept and/or drawings from tool design to production.

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