Metal Stamping located in Houston & South Texas

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Metal Stamping

The Hallmark of ITD’s manufacturing expertise is in its metal stamping capability…

Heat Treating

Another value added process performed by ITD Precision is Austemper Heat Treating…


ITD’s ECoat process is compliant with AIAG CQI-12 Coating System Assessment…

Insert Molding

ITD has integrated Insert Molding into its core processes, making us one of the few Metal…

Light Assembly

ITD Precision offers a wide variety of value added automated assembly operations…

Turn-Key Metal Stamping Solutions

With over 70 years in the industry and two locations ITD Precision can take your concept and/or drawings from tool design to production. We are one of a few premier metal stampers that have all of these processes available under one roof!


Automotive, Aircraft, Appliance, Construction, Electronic, Electrical, HVAC, Power Transmission, Oilfield…

Tool and Die

ITD’s tool and die expertise and over 60 years of experience, stand at the heart of its metal stamping capability. Quality tooling means consistent production of metal stampings to exacting specifications

Who We Serve

ITD Precision specializes in high-quality metal stamping. Companies in many industries find ITD fits their special requirements for quality, delivery, and price.
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