ITD Balanced Scorecard

IMG_9221-2In September of 2003, ITD established the ITD Scoreboard, adopting the business model and system called the Balanced Scorecard, developed by the Harvard Business School. Executive management establishes company objectives among four perspectives: Financial, Quality, Operational and Cultural. Then they confirm measurements of each objective, establish targets for each, and, if necessary, approve initiatives aimed at correcting or improving lagging indicators. Company performance indicated by the ITD Scoreboard is also used in the determination of incentive bonuses from profits. The ITD Scoreboard enables company leaders to use the PDCA approach even in broad based business planning.

  • Establish long and short term objectives—PLAN
  • Perform business functions—DO
  • Compare actual performance to targets—CHECK
  • Establish initiatives where necessary—ACT

Example of an ITD objective, measurement, and target: